How much candy will I get?

The total weight of sweets each month is usually 400 grams for small package and 800g for large package. Small package includes 6-8 items based on their individual weight. Our sweets range from 30g to 100g per item. Large package has roughly twice as much items (12 - 16 item).

Which countries can you ship to?

We ship worldwide. But this box only make sense for people, who can not buy our sweets from shop directly. So if you are anywhere from Central Europe (Austria, Czech republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia), it does not really make sense for you to buy our box. But of course, you can, if you wish to do so. We live in a free world after all.

What is the origin of your sweets? How is it packed?

We ship only local sweets that are sold and created in Central Europe. We focus mostly on Central Europe, so the sweets you can get will be made in or made for Austrian / Hungarian / Czech / Slovak / Polish market.

All the sweets are sold just like we bought them - in their original packaging. We don’t temper with the items in any way.

Is there any subscription deadline to get the box of the month?

To make things simple, we always close subscriptions at the end of the month. Rule of thumb is that you get the box for month after the one in which you subscribed. So if you order until 31st of December 23:59:59 GMT, you get January box next month.

Can I change my subscription?

General answer is "Yes, you definitely can change your subscription". You can switch from monthly small package to monthly large package. Or you can switch from monthly to quarterly plan or the other way round. There is too many use cases to cover, so if you need to change something just drop us a line at Based on the type of change and whether you alreay paid for given month or longer period, we will find a way how to make you happy.

Why was my subscription renewed?

Currently we have 3 plans. Based on your choice, you pay each month or every 3 months or every 6 months. So if you choose quarterly plan and you pay on 15th of September, your next payment will be on 15th of December.

Don't worry, for 3 and 6 month subscription plans, we will let you know that your next payment is close, so if you for some reason forgot about it and do not wish to continue, you will be able to cancel your subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can send an email to and we can cancel for you.

If you prefer doing it yourself, you can cancel your subscription within PayPal. You just need to click on "Details" for any of the payments done to Jakub Korch and click on Cancel button there.

If you subscribed using credit card, you need to send us email, as in this case this is the only option. We then cancel subscription on our side and send you confirmation email.

What are the available payment options?

You can pay with your credit card issued by major credit card issuers like Visa or MasterCard.

Other option is to pay with your PayPal account.

Both options are handled by PayPal, so if you need to make sure, you can pay certain way, just check PayPal.

I live outside EU, should I pay in EURO?

Yes, you can pay in EURO no matter which country you are in. It will get converted to your local currency in your credit card statement.

When is the box being shipped?

We will ship your monthly box of sweets between 5th and 10th day of next month. We will let you know by sending email notification that your box have been shipped.

What if my package does not arrive? Can I track my shipment?

If over a month has passed since you subscribed and you still received nothing, please contact us at

To mitigate the issue of lost packages, you can ask for tracked shipment. However this is extra service, because tracking of packages is expensive. If you are interested in such a service, contact us and based on your shipping address, we will let you know, what it would cost to track the package.

I have other question. What should I do?

In that case, don't worry and contact us at We will happily answer any and all of your questions. Usually we answer within few hours, but worst case scenario , you will hear from us within 24 hours. Even if it was cloudy outsdide with a chance of meatballs.