February 2018 Packages

Tiny lover month of the year - February 2018 Packages

Ah! February - month when lovers share their affection to each other. And also the shortest month in whole year. That doesn't hurt. We brought you some tasty sweets. Your dentist already sent us Valentine post card...don't worry about it.
January 2018 Packages

New year's resolution package - January 2018 Packages

So we're slowly getting off the ground. First package sent and already to a promising new youtuber. If you're curious type these keywords to Youtube search bar: "Elizabeth m sweets from Europe". You can watch first official unpacking of our subscription box. Enjoy!
December 2017 Packages

Hiding under Christmas tree - December 2017 Packages

It took us quite a while to arrange a photoshoot and document the contents of our first month's official packages, but it is finally here. And let me tell you, they were delicious.