Ooops! There is not much in here...

I guess we should play the "mysterious" guys card to get out of this mess. But to be honest, there is not much about us to share. There is two of us - Daniel and Jakub - alphabetically. And we are happy that we can share sweets from our country and our neighbour's countries with the rest of the world.

For now, we are just starting. We will bring you the best and most interesting sweets from Central Europe. We hop into the car in the capital city of Slovakia called Bratislava and we drive either to Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary), Prague (Czech republic) or Warsaw (Poland) to buy a bunch of sweets. Sometimes packages will consist only of a single country items (Austrian package, Hungarian package), other times it will be a mix (Slovak + Czech).

In the future, however, we would love to offer you package from each corner of Europe every month. For now, this is just our dream, but may be one day, it will become reality with your help.